Facesofwow is a safe and positive community where people everywhere discover, connect, and share their passion for World of Warcraft through imagery and text.

This is a place where creativity triumphs over conformity, and success is measured in ideas shared. A place where inspiration is a tool for empowerment — not a place to deceive, coerce, or manipulate, but a place to connect, create, and celebrate your passion for World of Warcraft, together.

Explore and post differently.

Facesofwow’s mission is to transform the way gaming people connect by fueling a worldwide movement not based on beauty or status, but by positivity and transparency.

Feed your love for World of Warcraft through images sharing, discussion forums, old fashioned group creations and even location based toon listings. Be inspired by players like yourself, amount artists, designers, DJ’s, adventurers, chefs, creative coders, futurists, cartoonists, writers, minimalists, car lovers, movie stars and mushroom hunters from around the world - not to mention the ALToholics.

Facesofwow is an alternative to mainstream networks that manipulate what we see and try to control what we think. Networks that sell our data to the highest bidder violate our trust, and we feel unsafe to share the things we love.

Control what you see and share the the passion for the game you love on our World of Warcraft social network.