I have to say, as a person of age, that I have been exposed to a lot of changes throughout the years. I have seen women, minorities and cultures rise up and be noticed. If I listened to my parents, from a older generation, it would have been hard to except, but not everything that our parents believed, was right, and some of it would be darn right foolish.

Yes, sometimes we see changes that are hard to except, like gay marriage or division of church and state.

I find it funny to hear someone say “I do not want anything to change”, yet change happens everyday whether we like it or not. Those are the people that need to come out of the closet.

Can you image how much hate must be in someone’s heart to dismiss a whole culture, belief or sexual preference? Each time I get exposed to a new culture like Native Americans, Hispanics or Gay Communities, I have been thrilled to understand and except. They are all humans that try to live a better life and help people around them. All these groups may see some things different, and they have dark sides also just like any other group, but the majority are just trying to benefit all through education and understanding.

If you feel you need to be prejudice, then please be prejudice again stupid people that are close minded.

Ranger Rob

[email protected]

Source by Robert Scribner

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