Pet Additions – Patch 8.1

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In Tides of Vengeance, we’ll be getting a new pet battle dungeon, an updated Smoochums model and a whole heap of pets to add to our collections.


If you enjoyed the Family Familiar achievements, get ready for another round with the tamers from BfA. Completing the meta rewards the Wicker Wraith.

Darkshore Warfront

Nightwreathed Egg (5 days to hatch) has also been datamined but I’m not sure what’s inside.

Redridge Tarantula – Venomarus (Arathi Highlands) another warfront drop?



The pet battle dungeon has several new pets which can be purchased from the vendor. Check out the video if you’re interested in a preview.


Paragon Reputation

Once you reach exalted with each of the following factions, you’ll have a chance to collect four additional pets from the bonus reputation caches.

Island Expeditions Drops

Island Expedition Vendor

A new vendor (Captain Klarisa – Alliance, Captain Zen’taga – Horde) will be located by the Island Expedition table in each capital city (see video)

Zandalari Raptors

Two faction pets, one rare drop and a fourth wild pet to collect (see video of how to collect them all)

Are you excited by any of these additions?


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