Sure, the wedding is the grand big event, but did you know that the bridal shower could be just as enjoyable too? In fact, sometimes it can be more fun because there is less stress, less worries and less pressure to make everything perfect. Even the bride can let her hair down during this occasion. She can have a wonderful time in this intimate gathering of people closest to her, taking pleasure from the nice gifts and wise pieces of advice that will be given to her.

What to Say

Instead of sticking to the cliches like, “hey, I wish you all the best” or “best wishes on your wedding,” make the speech more personal and memorable by including some of these ideas in your speech.

Friendship/bond/closeness with the bride

In a sentence or two, talk about how you have met, how long you have known each other and how deep your bond is. (“I met Joyce in high school, we were partners in science lab, and we’ve been best friends ever since.)

Thoughts and reactions when you heard the bride was getting married

The first thing you thought or said when the news reached you can be a nice thing to share if it is something funny, sweet, or touching. (“When Nikki called me to say she’s getting married, I shrieked so loud the neighbor thought there was a burglar in the house!” or “When Tara saw the tears welling up in my eyes after she broke the news, she thought I was touched, but actually I was sad because we won’t be doing our fun overnight parties anymore!”)

If the reaction is not memorable at all, just leave this out of your speech. (“I did not have any reaction when Sara said she was getting married.”)

5 words that you think will best describe the wife as a bride

Do not stick to the usual adjectives like nice, beautiful, and wonderful. Be more creative. If you really know the bride, it will not be too difficult to think about imaginative adjectives that would best describe her. In addition, it would be best to avoid negative terms such as “nagger” or “unfaithful.” Even if you think it is true, you should not offend the bride especially on this special occasion.

Piece of advice for the bride on her marriage

Share something that you think would help the bride on her marriage. But be careful, you would not want to end up giving an hour of lecture and sound like a know-it-all. Keep your piece short and sweet. The entire bridal speech should only last up from three to five minutes. Also, keep anything about ex-boyfriends or past relationships out of the speech.

How to Say it

A poem

If you are not good with speeches, you can always write or find a poem that will say what you want to say for the bride.

A song

If you can carry a nice tune, you can choose a song that has a message that would be fitting for the occasion or you can compose your own song and write your own message to the bride.

A joke or funny story

You can start with a joke or a funny story to break the ice, liven up the scene, and make the bride laugh out loud.

One last thing to remember, the bridal shower speech is about the bride, not about you. Someday, you will get your turn (or maybe you already did) but as of this time, this is the bride’s moment so do not do anything that will make her think you are “stealing her thunder.”

Source by Nicole Fleming

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