What does it feel like for a woman to have an orgasm? Is it the same for women as it is for men? Why does it take her so much longer to climax than it does for me? Can all women have an orgasm from REAL sex, or is it foreplay that most of us REALLY crave? Any of these questions sound familiar? If you are anything like the tens of thousands of men who enjoy our articles each month, the truth is, they probably do, right? After all… every man knows that the BEST thing in the world is a woman who is wild with want in bed, and the best way to make that happen is to give HER as much passion and pleasure as she’s giving back!

With that in mind, let’s take a quick and easy look at 5 unusual facts about female orgasms that most men don’t know.

1 – Worried about giving her JUST “1”? Think again! Just about EVERY woman can have more than one orgasm during sex, and the truth is, if you are able to bring her to climax once, the likelihood of her having another is really high… without a ton of effort. As a matter of fact…

2 – There are 2 types of multiple orgasms a woman can have. Serial orgasms, and sequential. Serial orgasms are like a “wave” or pleasure… where one climax quickly follows the other and tend to almost feel like they overlap. (sometimes you’ll hear “funny” news stories of a woman who has had an “orgasm overdose”, and this is often due to the aftereffects of a serial orgasm) A sequential orgasm is when one climax comes quickly after the other… but usually with multiple minutes in between each one, and usually a different form of sexual stimulation causing it, such as the transition between foreplay and traditional sexual intercourse.

3 – The BIGGEST reason women report faking or pretending to have a release when they haven’t? To get the experience OVER with completely! Sad but true, right? The fact is, in a private survey done in 2013, the primary reason that women said they would fake it was so that their partner would feel like they were getting it done… and so that we could simply fall asleep! In the same study, women reported that the biggest frustration was that our partners were not sexually skillful enough to satisfy our needs, in the same way that we are for men. The fact is… a woman’s body is MUCH more complex than a man’s… and our sexual response cycle is much different than yours as well)

4 – The EASIEST way to make a woman climax?

More foreplay! The simple truth is, many women are simply not able to climax from sexual intercourse with their partner, and for a variety of reasons. (size, body compatibility and the fact that the vast majority of sexual nerve endings for a woman are closer to the surface of the body where they are more easily stimulated by hand, or other creative types of pre or post intercourse activity)

5 – Lastly, the #1 way most women reported achieving orgasm in the last year? By herself! Believe it or not, in multiple studies done in the last few years, while ALL women seem to really enjoy sex for emotional and intimacy and for pleasing our partners, the #1 activity for being sexual release was actually ALONE time!

The good news? The better YOU become in bed, the less alone time she’s going to want, I promise!

Source by Amy A.

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