Do you want to know what makes Indiana Jones’ fedora hat unique? To give you a prologue, fedoras are made from felt, one of the strongest clothing materials ever known. Fedora has a pinched crown on both sides and has a brim. It’s popularity once faded but when Indiana Jones wore it in the 70’s, the hat has once again made its way back to the limelight.

But what makes it so unique? One feature that makes fedora unique is its being shrink-resistant. The hides of fedora are made from leather kangerro sweatbands that are tanned. This material, for one, is something that is almost always missing in other fedoras. Sweatband is that which touches directly the head and to make it one of the best type of fedora, manufacturers of Indy’s fedora uses leather and it is by far the secret sauce.

Fedora’s lining is also made from one of the highest quality bridal satin which enhances its look and feel. As many have put it, there is “devil in the details” of Indy’s fedora hat. These details have been keenly observed during the manufacturing process. It was built to jive with words practicability and fashion. This is what made it gain back its lost glory in the 50’s and this is why people’s interest over fedora has been revitalized.

Indiana Jones’ fedora is a safari-style fedora which Indy wore when he was first seen on the big screen. It has a brim which is turned down on both sides and many ladies see it hot. It has since then become emblematic of manhood and being tough. This is one of the many reasons why fedora has gained back its lost glory in the world of fashion.

The complex process of the manufacture to perfect the hat was the secret recipe. Manufacturers use wooden blocks to make the crown. With this blocks, interlocking fibers are arranged well and made the felt the strongest material. It is one of the unbeaten types of fedora in terms of quality of the felt. It is this built which made Indiana Jones’ fedora the highly sought among men.

Today, people choose Indy’s fedora to fashion Indiana Jones’ character in them. They want to look tough and they can put toughness forward by using fedora hat. They feel privileged to be called Indy’s descendants in terms of toughness, character and uniqueness and thanks to Indiana Jones’ fedora, they are able to mirror it in their own personalities.

Source by Glenn Mark Dizon

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