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Online gaming has taken the entertainment market by storm. Leading the way is the explosive growth of the Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) Games, with millions of players engaged in ongoing interactive game play.

This highly targeted audience is so immersed in their online world they have been notoriously difficult to reach through traditional forms of media — until now.

Facesofwow.com was specifically designed to create social activity to the typically unsocial gaming crowd, a niche network created just for World of Warcraft.

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The following placements are available.

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Other Formats
Please contact us directly for information and pricing on skins, slides, video, text, sponsored news, viral marketing, promotions, and other custom options.


Interested in advertising with Facesofwow? We have no minimum budget! Contact us to discuss placement type and budget.

From there, we will setup your ad where we will provide a link to upload and process your ad.

You'll need a credit card, creative in one or more of the approved sizes (see Placements).

In no time at all you can start reaching our video game enthusiasts!