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  • wally0183 Good afternoon all.
    December 2, 2013
  • Miss Nyxie My guild is looking for a TANK and HEALER for current heroic 10 man content, and raiding in WoD. We're ALLIANCE on MANNOROTH. We typically raid 9:30-midnight (EST) Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. We are a very tight knit group of friends & welcome newcomers with open arms. :D Please contact me if you are interested in a serious raiding position!
    September 23
  • jimmygirl This weekend I journeyed back to the world of the Alliance, after playing Horde for almost two years straight. I easily invested the whole of my weekend time to the new Shadow Priest Night Elf I created and managed to hit level 32. It occurred to me that I have spent the majority of my WoW playing career (5 years+) solo'ing the entire way. I don't have a lot of RL friends who play the game (at least not to my own committment level) and have always seemed to have difficulty getting into social guilds who are friendly and active in groups.  So I found this site and joined with the hopes of meeting new gamer friends so that I might be able to take my game playing to the next level and truly enjoy some of the multi-player aspects of WoW that make it truly great.  Sooo calling all potential WoW buddies... I have 4 Horde 90s on Area 52, a few other characters still in process of leveling and I am also on the Cenarius server with my newly created Shadow Priest.  Let's be friends and tear up some shiznit! :)
    Mon at 9:47 AM
  • Quova Haven't been on here in a little while, HAI GUYZ! =P
    August 30
  • skidpics One bug I found. Can't upload photos via app.
    September 23
  • Breezyy Haven't been on this in forever! Since my raiding guild has just.. stopped raiding. I decided to level and alliance on MG. I've picked up something new I liked in WoW =) RP can be alot of fun <3
    May 5