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  • Ghannlol Man, it's been like 8 years since I logged on o.O
    Tue at 7:32 AM
  • skidpics We upgraded our photo area a bit to better reflect the #worldofwarcraft players.  http://facesofwow.com/albums
    Thu at 5:38 PM
  • Jesseca I gave ESO a try, since I haven't played WoW in over a year. Got bored with it really fast. And now I am playing nothing. :s Hope you're all having fun with whatever you're playing! ^_^
    Fri at 11:22 AM
  • Nictayver I hear, at the end of MoP, Garrosh doesn't die.
    August 16
  • Destrominate That feel when you've been waiting all week to start heroic progression. ;_;
    September 13
  • ohshizz just got my second warglaive :D 36 illidan kills / 36 weeks total
    June 21
  • Shaya Frost mage 550 ... LF a +1.9 RBG team with constant members ... Horde - EU
    July 2