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  • Andrallia Will be on tomorrow so if anyone on area-52 needs mining or fishing resources then don't hesitate asking... Those not sold will either be out in GB or sold in the city.
    February 7
  • warbron21 Finally added some more game time. So little time to play now! :(
    July 16
  • Nictayver I hear, at the end of MoP, Garrosh doesn't die.
    August 16
  • Syrini Does anyone still use this site? Add meh :D
    July 30
  • Izdazi I really missed sic'ing that raptor on targets.   :)
    Wed at 7:45 AM
  • Tenebres Argent dawn, Undead Mage, <for Horde>
    November 27, 2012