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  • Mmmskiittlex time for WOW :D Skiittlex#1157
    June 20
  • AshleyAnglin uhh, just looking for new people to play with! 
    August 1
  • James MacLaine I'm not all too happy about a lot of the changes coming with WoD; though, I am eager for its release.
    February 9
  • hydrobomb do a  lot of people pay for the elite membership?
    May 4
  • Krypt Looking for horde players (US) that enjoy pvp and are looking for a BG friend! Horde queues are pretty terrible right now so it would be nice to have people to talk to while in queue! TehJuGGa#1814 - if you send a FR make sure you attach  note so I know not to delete it!
    July 27