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  • Oober So meh
    July 12
  • Elluminia Hey guys/girls! I am looking for some wonderful people to build a friendship with and level with as well and run dungeons with for the next xpac. I am a 90 Surv/BM hunter. I am ilvl 572. If you are not on my server there is always bnet. I am looking for a tank, healer, and 2 dps for 5 mans. I would perfer something with heroism, but if you don't have hero thats ok. I will bring drums. My bnet is Tyrael#1984. I am online almost all day.
    July 19
  • Misty‚ô• Got the legendary cloak on my warlock today! Pretty nice Christmas gift :)
    December 25, 2013
  • Jean85 What's with those D3 disconnects ?!
    April 9
  • tomill bump
    November 27, 2013
  • assatron Ellevi#1768 If anyone ever wants to bs.
    July 19