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by Flé about January 31, 2015 open - report

Look, Feel, & Functionality of site


First off, grats on all your hard work improving this site!

What is the best way to grow your site?

What are your competitive advantages?:

1. Profile pics/selfies of WoW players;

2. A place for WoW players to meet outside of WoW;

2. A specific niche: 10,000,000+ WoW players;

3. Dare I say, A potential dating site like POF or Match.com;

4. A place to post anything WoW related

Take the best out of these sites:

Facebook: I suspect many people want to keep their facebook separate from all the random WoW people they meet initially whereas this site affords WoW players a place to meet outside of WoW. Many people only use facebook for family & friends they know irl.

Worldofwarcraft.com: Maybe you can pull character data from WoW if possible, call it the "Garrision" & have it be the main hub when one log's in with a twitter/facebook newsfeed.

Twitter: Great newsfeed setup. #'s could catergorize the subject matter of people's posts. Have a server dropdown menu as an option to filter the feed & even have it link to twitter like WoW just did.

Warcraftmovies.com: great for posting WoW videos, maybe even link to their site if possible so videos could show up both places.

My thoughts are all these sites have done the leg work on what works in terms of look, feel, & functionality. So why not just roll them all into your website/app &/or link to theirs. You can make money primarily off of ad revenue. Make this the goto place outside of WoW for people who play WoW.

What are your thoughts? (as I know you've put more thought into this than I)

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    by Skidpics about June 19, 2015

    We have updated the site with some of the functions we discussed. 

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    by Flé about February 4, 2015

    You liked the garrison portion, so I went that direction for concept.  Okay here goes:

    One signs up to site. They pick whether they are PVP, PVE, RP, ERP(dating & paid portion must be over 18 etc. etc.)

    One's account essentially becomes a "follower" for others to recruit.

    One's interface after signing up is a replica of when you click on the architect table in our WoW Garrisons. You pick modules when signing up from a blueprint vendor that suits your style. What should these modules be? My intial thought is icons of all popular WoW related websites that link to those sites. Could go another direction with the modules.

    However, more importantly, when you click on town hall, it goes to basically what you have already created as of today. One of the main links would be "command table" where one can have up 30 free active followers that they recruited/ganked/friended, and then send them on quests & it would update you (as well as those people) on how they fared out.

    This would be a great way for people to meet & get to know each other to do anything in WoW such as RBGs, Arenas, Flex Raids, Mythic, RP, etc.  I believe this would also help with Guild creation as this could be a precursor it as well.

    Anyone wishing to opine is more than welcome to do so!

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    • Deathstroke
      by Deathstroke
      April 22, 2012

      Well that answers that...

    • Skidpics
      by Skidpics
      February 4, 2015

      Wow. That is quite complex but we will look this over. Thanks for the suggestion!

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    by Skidpics about February 1, 2015

    Thanks!  It's why Facesofwow was created 1-3 and potentially #4 for the future.

    We choose the Facebook feed format due to it's popularity and familiarity - although we added some different things, a cleaner, leaner site is on our agenda...

    Are you asking us to add hashtag capability to the site?  We do offer search members via server and even enter the server in the search box and it will content from the site up based on the search.


    I like the Garrison portion you mentioned - what exactly would it entail as in content in your eyes? 

    We presently allow importing of YouTube and Vimeo videos to the site with their respective URL's  - we can optionally allow uploading of movies.  If Warcraftmovies.com would want to do a link exchange, I would be all for it.

    Battle.net importing has been on our list for a while, but developerment has been pushed back for a while.  We want to make sure we import the correct information but some site functions needs to get resolved and/or removed to clean it up a bit.

    History: Facesofwow actually has been around since 2009 ( a take on an older version with just server lists and photos) - and it's been a very long road in picking up speed with concurrent, active members.  Believe it or not, our network stats shows 8300 members - but activity remains elusive.  Originally setup for WOW, SC and Diablo - and even  little SWTOR - but those profile fields have been turned off for now.

    Want to go back in time? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xw0Uw3jBcxI

    The site is currently setup to show all users activity, but as memberships increases, the feature might turn to friends only - much like Facebook does it in order to reduce resources.

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